My Kids Ruined the House with a Party

My wife and I went out of town one day on a business trip, and we left our two teenage sons alone in the house. We figured that they were old enough to take care of themselves without any problems, but we were wrong. We told them not to do anything crazy, like throwing a party. They promised us that they wouldn’t but they did it anyway, and invited all of their young friends. The party got out of hand and someone broke the plantation shutters, ruined the couch, clogged one of the toilets, put a hole in the wall, and stained the carpet.

We were furious with our sons. They had deliberately disobeyed us and then tried to cover up the fact that they had the party. Their cover up efforts were useless. Continue reading My Kids Ruined the House with a Party

I Finally Understand More About a Militia

I really did not know a lot about a well regulated militia, and that is the reason why I went to a website that had a lot of information on what that means exactly. It all started when my daughter brought home a man she started dating. He was wearing a shirt that had something about the militia on it, and I will be honest. That scared me at first, because I usually associated that word with hard core second amendment radicals. I trust my daughter though, so I knew that she would not get mixed up in anything she shouldn’t.

That still did not stop me from investigating a bit more on my own, and I am really glad that I did. I realized that I had a very one sided view of what a militia truly is. I had only heard about the radical militias that were not organized. Those are the ones where a few people tend to grab their guns and hole up with their government conspiracies. Continue reading I Finally Understand More About a Militia

We Decided to Buy Our Own Property and Start from Scratch

When my hubby and I first started looking for our next home, we found that we were not really happy with the houses that were up for sale. So, we ended up purchasing some property to build on instead. Because much of the property was covered with trees, we needed a Queens tree removal to come and get rid of a bunch of them so that we would have plenty of space for a nice house and a front and back yard. We spent some time planning everything out, and then the tree removal company came and did exactly we instructed them to do.

I am someone who really likes to live amongst a lot of foliage. Continue reading We Decided to Buy Our Own Property and Start from Scratch

Pruning Trees to Get Them to Bear More Fruit

I tried trimming a few of the fruit trees in our yard one year. It took almost three years for them to bear fruit again. They are apple, pear and plum trees. They make delicious fruit. My grandparents planted these trees back when they built the house. Now it is the home of my wife and I where we have teenage children. We harvest the fruit and make jellies and jams and other things. To preserve the fruit-bearing capability of the trees while keeping them at a manageable size, I called a Long Island tree pruning service to trim the rest of the trees properly.

You want to encourage new growth and even more bearing of fruit, and it takes someone knowledgeable about each tree species in order to get it done right. Continue reading Pruning Trees to Get Them to Bear More Fruit

Getting All of Our Data Systems to Work Together is No Longer Impossible

I remember the first computer we got for our business. It was like an alien to some of the staff. We only had two people who knew how to operate it. When it worked, it helped. When it went down, it was tedious. I have had those first two computer experts restore data from tape drives and reenter data manually more than once. Things got better as technology improved, and now we use Microsoft Dynamics integration for our customer relationship management. For some time we had such a mix of hardware and software that we spent many man hours just trying to get things to communicate with one another.

Here is an example of our data flow issues that used to drive us crazy. Continue reading Getting All of Our Data Systems to Work Together is No Longer Impossible

Using a Lawyer to Make an Insurance Company Pay What is Due

The thing about insurance is that the companies that provide it are out to make a profit. They grow by collecting premiums and not paying out claims. The business of insurance is huge. Little claims being paid out are like advertising. A satisfied customer who got his bumper fixed or windshield fixed tells other people. They are happy and call to get insurance. When a big claim is submitted for an act of gross negligence on the part of one of their insured drivers, then there is a fight to get the money. We went to to get someone after the insurance company we had paid premiums into for years.

They were not wanting to pay for medical bills and work loss due to a covered accident. All of our premiums were paid on time, and we had a better insurance policy with bigger maximums. They were really trying to hold back paying out even a penny more than they absolutely had to. Being a for profit business, they showed their stripes fast. Continue reading Using a Lawyer to Make an Insurance Company Pay What is Due

Video Production and the Modern Age

You will find that the goal of any video production is to engage the audience. To make the audience feel something, to enjoy themselves, and to get something out of the experience. Video production in the modern age is really not different. So many things have been produced at this point that video producers need to really reach out and find what the average man and woman want out of their experience. With videos being so readily available at the tip of everyones fingers, people really need to put their all into the content tht they are putting out.

Workflow and content are at the heart of videos. You can literally make a video about anything at any time. So you need to make sure that you are using the right technology. Continue reading Video Production and the Modern Age

Overseeing App Development Can Be Emotional

Working for mobile app development in Singapore is always an exciting job! There are days where I had nothing to do, and days that I had a million things to do. Most of the time, I worked on app projects and had fun with my coworkers. There were also times where we were all so stressed that we couldn’t think straight.

Every job has the pros and the cons, the good and the bad. My job in app development was no different. I created some of the most fun projects for business and small companies but I also hated the deadlines and the stress. However, the good times always outweighed the bad ones. My job was basically to test apps after creation to find bugs, crashes, or any issue that needed to be resolved. Continue reading Overseeing App Development Can Be Emotional

We Are Going to Have Fun at This Party

When I first heard about my company’s decision to have a different kind of Christmas party this year, I honestly was not sure what they meant by that. In the past, we had always had a catered meal, Christmas music, and some very generous bonus checks. I was not sure what was changing, but I hoped it was not that last part! Then, I found out that I was going to be on the committee. My boss told me to do a search for Christmas party entertainment hire and find the company that has dozens of unique and fun Christmas ideas for entertainment.

It was not hard to find the company he was talking about. I was simply amazed at the different ideas there for Christmas parties. I finally understood what my boss meant by a different kind of party. There are several hundred people who attend these parties since families are included, and he told me to get at least three different acts along with music so everyone would have a good time. I looked at the different options there, and I knew it would be hard to narrow down to even that many choices. Continue reading We Are Going to Have Fun at This Party

I Just Got Back from College

I have finally gotten my degree and if things work out then I am going to get a really good job. Right now I have been trying to work out some sleep matters, in particular looking for a mattress that I can get some sleep on. I have been using air mattresses a lot the past few years, since I would move around like a nomad when it suited me. For a time I was living free with a girlfriend who had an oral surgeon for a mother. Continue reading I Just Got Back from College

They Enjoy Their Espresso Every Morning

I wanted to buy my parents a nice espresso machine, but I was absolutley clueless on which one to get them. They are both retired, and they go out several times a week just to get a cup of espresso and see some friends at the local bakery. They really like their espresso a lot, but they enjoyed the company of their friends even more. I was not trying to get them to not go out. Instead, I wanted them to have their espresso even when they stayed in. I did a seerch and came across the Cuppabean website.

I am so thankful that I found this one because it really is super informative. It is broken down into different sections so a person can find exactly the kind of information they are looking for quickly. Continue reading They Enjoy Their Espresso Every Morning

Warts Give Way to Sinister Thoughts

A weird wart appeared on my left foot randomly one day. At first I thought I had been bitten by a mosquito, but upon further inspection, I knew that it was a wart. I went to the store and got some bandages specifically to get rid of wards, and placed one on top of it. The wart didn’t go away, so I tried some other over the counter methods to get rid of it. All of these failed, so I made an appointment with an aesthetic doctor in Singapore to have the wart removed. Continue reading Warts Give Way to Sinister Thoughts

Winning the Ultimate Prize in Life

When I bought a lottery ticket at the convenience store over a year ago, I was hoping that I would win, but I didn’t think it would really happen. I’ve played the lottery many times before, but have never won. My last time playing was different, as I won a big jackpot. After claiming my winnings, I wanted to escape from it all. I wanted to leave the country and retire in a luxurious place. I learned about the Parc Esta in Singapore while looking online at travel spots, and decided that this was the perfect place for me to take my lottery winnings.

When I saw pictures of the condo online, I was in awe. It looked like something out of a movie. Not only were the rooms of the condo luxurious, but the outside was as well. Continue reading Winning the Ultimate Prize in Life

Passion Comes from Within You

I thought that it was really interesting to learn that a lot of my friends did not have the same basic knowledge that I had. I thought that everyone grew up in the same school from grades kindergarten to eighth grade and then we all went to the same high school, unless the kid was sent to a private high school or some even moved away. I learned more in the first nine years of school than I learned in the last eight years. I learned about things like Harajuku fever and other types of things that made the different lands from far away seem so much closer because we knew about things that others did not know. Continue reading Passion Comes from Within You

Finally Getting into the Game

Some of my friends started playing the game Idle Heroes, and couldn’t figure out what the big fuss was about it. It looked like any other game and I just couldn’t see the appeal. They told me that I had to try the game for myself to really see how great it was. One day I finally caved and tried the game out on my phone. It was more fun than I expected, but I had a little trouble trying to get gold and gems in the game. I figured there had to be an Idle Heroes hack. My friends just played the game as it was, but I set out on a quest to find a hack that would make getting these items easier and quicker.

Through a little searching, I came across just the hack I needed and put it to use. Continue reading Finally Getting into the Game

A Solution for My Thinning Eyelashes

The process of getting older is simple yet very complex. I believe it is a privilege that many people are not afforded. It is remarkable how aging has impacted my appearance. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is not the only effects that take place. I have also experienced thinning hair and eyelashes. One day I set a goal for myself to find a solution on the internet to this problem which eventually led me to Finally, there was a glimmer of hope that I could once again have fuller, longer, and thicker eyelashes. I just needed to dig a little deeper into this website to see what they had to offer.

I was very pleased to find a wealth of information on the website and found out that Latisse is an eyelash serum that promotes natural growth of your eyelashes. They will become longer, thicker, and stronger. You must maintain a 16 week treatment period by applying the serum to your upper eyelashes once a day. More detailed instructions are available on the website. After the 16 week treatment period is completed you need to apply the product once a week to maintain the results you have achieved. This seems simple enough to me.

I decided to move forward with ordering a bottle of the eyelash serum and try it out for myself. What do I have to lose? They have a 100% money back guarantee. The shipping and handling fee was only $10 which I thought was fairly reasonable. I am very eager and excited to receive this in the mail and start using it. After reading some of the customer reviews, I feel pretty confident that I’ll be satisfied with my purchase. I promise to report back to all of you how Latisse works for me.

No One Knew That It Worked

I had been seeing some advertisements on the television about a formula that would let anyone get longer eye lashes, and I was a bit skeptical about it. I didn’t think such a thing actually existed and was wondering if it was nothing but a placebo. I looked at some reviews online and people seemed to like it, so I looked for a place to buy Bimatoprost online. I was able to find the right online store for that and ordered a bottle to try on myself.

One of my friends thought that something would happen to me if I used the formula, but I assured her that it was completely safe. As I used the formula, my lashes started to grow longer and thicker, just like the formula promised. It was a miracle and a game changer. It meant that I no longer had to buy those silly fake eye lashes that they were selling at the stores. Continue reading No One Knew That It Worked

Part Time Helper in Singapore Frees Me to Do Things I Like to Do

I have friends who got help around the house when they got promoted and got very busy at work. I have a friend who got a helper when his wife delivered their twins. My parents even hire a housecleaning helper when they retired. Each one used the same agency. I hired a part time helper in Singapore because I do not like housecleaning. I go to work and like to spend time outdoors when I am not working. I do not want to devote any of my time on my days off to doing laundry, dusting or mopping floors. I know how to do all of that stuff well, but I just do not want to when I can do things that are far more interesting and fun.

It is worth every bit of what I pay for the part time helper in Singapore to help me with the household chores. I get up on my day off and go out exploring. I ride a bicycle, run, hike, swim and do the things I like rather than being stuck ironing shirts or cleaning the toilet. Continue reading Part Time Helper in Singapore Frees Me to Do Things I Like to Do

I Found Something That Gives Me Great Hair

A friend of mine has a blog that I like to read from time-to-time. I logged in a couple of months ago and saw that she did a Keranique review post on her blog. I read it with great interest because she said the product is for women with thinning hair, and I have that problem! I had no idea that she did, too. She and I are really close and she has not mentioned it to me, but I’ve never told her about my hair fears. I called her to talk with her further about her review because she had said in it that the product worked really well for her. I told her that I’m having the same hair issues, and I wanted her to know that I was grateful that she was willing to be so open about what she had previously gone through.

When I talked to my friend that night, we both agreed that losing your hair as a female can be embarrassing because it’s typically something that happens to men. A lot of men seem not to care, which is fine. However, standards are pretty high for women. So, when we go through something that changes us physically, we sometimes feel shame and we become very quiet about it. Continue reading I Found Something That Gives Me Great Hair

My Daughter is a Better Student Now

When my daughter told me she wanted to attend a physics tuition centre with her friend, I thought that it was just a social thing for her. When I could see how serious she was about wanting to learn physics better, I caved in and went to the website of the centre to learn more about it. I knew she was not getting the best grade in the class, but she was still getting an A so I was surprised that she felt she needed more instruction. I kept my word though and learned what I could about the site.

I went to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the site, knowing that I had a lot of questions so hopefully I would find a lot of answers. I wanted to find out more about the teacher, how he conducts classes, how he handles when a student must miss a class, and other things like that. Continue reading My Daughter is a Better Student Now

Choose Your Corporate Job Recruiter Carefully

If you have skills, you need to have someone shop your skills around as a candidate for different firms and corporations seeking talent. Some agencies that offer recruitment are better than others. I worked with a newer bristol recruitment agency and landed my job. I have been pleased to have my skills paired with a company that was looking for an employee just like me. My personality and career goals fit perfectly with this company I got hired on with. This is the best job I have ever had.

I am happy to finally be working with a company that has the same type of business philosophy that I have learned and have. Continue reading Choose Your Corporate Job Recruiter Carefully

I Needed to Learn with Someone Else’s Help

I could not figure out how my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and all my siblings can grow such beautiful plants and flowers, and I am a failure at it. It didn’t seem like it would be all that hard to do, but I’ve had no luck when trying it on my own. I ended up calling someone in who does landscape design in Nassau County NY to get everything started. The woman who came over to do all of the work is fantastic when it comes to know exactly what to grow and when. She gave me some insight into the world of plants and helped me understand why I was having such a rough time on my own.

I originally started out with the idea of going through quite a few garden magazines. Continue reading I Needed to Learn with Someone Else’s Help