Working in the Virtual Restaurant

I’ve been addicted to the My Cafe game ever since it hit the market. In my spare time, I play the game and serve as many customers as possible in order to make money. When it comes to mobile games, I try to spend as little money as possible. In My Cafe, if you want to advance in the game, you need to have diamonds and gold coins. Rather than spending money to get them, I used cheats for my cafe to obtain them easily. It makes the game more fun, especially since your progress isn’t halted by the addition of micro transactions.

The game makes running an actual restaurant look easier than it really is. I’ve never worked in a restaurant before, nor have I owned one, but I do know people who have worked as waitresses and cooks in restaurants, and they didn’t think the job was easy at all. The waitresses had to deal with customers all day, some of which were rude and didn’t tip. One of the customers even yelled at a waitress for something that the cook didn’t do correctly. The cooks had to work in the hot kitchen all day and take a lot of yelling from the owners.

I recently talked to one of my friends who worked in a restaurant and asked her if she had ever heard of the game. She said she hadn’t and had no desire to play a game like that because it was closer to real life than she wanted, although the game is much easier than real life. She likes to play games to escape real life, not emulate them. I even told her that the game isn’t so bad compared to actually working in a restaurant, but she didn’t care, and started playing a puzzle game.