We Decided to Buy Our Own Property and Start from Scratch

When my hubby and I first started looking for our next home, we found that we were not really happy with the houses that were up for sale. So, we ended up purchasing some property to build on instead. Because much of the property was covered with trees, we needed a Queens tree removal to come and get rid of a bunch of them so that we would have plenty of space for a nice house and a front and back yard. We spent some time planning everything out, and then the tree removal company came and did exactly we instructed them to do.

I am someone who really likes to live amongst a lot of foliage. Many of the new homes that we looked at are located in subdivisions where every single tree has been cut down. Everything is flat. Then, the company in charge of building each home builds each one of them very closely to one another. When done, they may plant one tiny bush and tree outside in each yard. I really dislike the way that looks. It looks unnatural. So, we decided that, on our property, we would only have the bare minimum of foliage removed. We are happy with the way it turned out.

After we had our home built and we moved in, I’ve since found that I now open my drapes on all my new windows now every day. In our old place, we opened our windows and saw only the street, cars or other neighbor’s homes. It was not appealing, and I didn’t like to see those things from inside my house. Now, I enjoy looking out and seeing pretty brown and green colors each day through all of my windows. One of my favorite things to do is sit in my chair while the sunlight streams in through my front windows, and I look through the windows at times and smile.