Warts Give Way to Sinister Thoughts

A weird wart appeared on my left foot randomly one day. At first I thought I had been bitten by a mosquito, but upon further inspection, I knew that it was a wart. I went to the store and got some bandages specifically to get rid of wards, and placed one on top of it. The wart didn’t go away, so I tried some other over the counter methods to get rid of it. All of these failed, so I made an appointment with an aesthetic doctor in Singapore to have the wart removed.

Although I was confident that it was a wart, part of my mind was starting to think that it was something a little more sinister. The thought of a possible tumor that was cancerous came to mind and I feared having to go under the knife to get it removed or to have my whole foot removed before the cancer spread to the rest of my body. Thoughts of possible parasites behind hidden under my skin also came to mind after watching a television program about a woman who had gone to the islands and come back with a fly larvae embedded in her skin that was trying to eat its way out.

The doctor at the clinic determined that it was indeed a wart and had a painless technique that would get rid of it. This was a big relief for me, not only because the doctor could get rid of the wart without any pain, but because the wart was simply that and nothing more serious. After the procedure was done, my left foot went back to normal, and I could walk around with my bare feet exposed. I bought some sandals at the mall the next day and wore them outside to show off my foot.