Using a Lawyer to Make an Insurance Company Pay What is Due

The thing about insurance is that the companies that provide it are out to make a profit. They grow by collecting premiums and not paying out claims. The business of insurance is huge. Little claims being paid out are like advertising. A satisfied customer who got his bumper fixed or windshield fixed tells other people. They are happy and call to get insurance. When a big claim is submitted for an act of gross negligence on the part of one of their insured drivers, then there is a fight to get the money. We went to to get someone after the insurance company we had paid premiums into for years.

They were not wanting to pay for medical bills and work loss due to a covered accident. All of our premiums were paid on time, and we had a better insurance policy with bigger maximums. They were really trying to hold back paying out even a penny more than they absolutely had to. Being a for profit business, they showed their stripes fast.

The thing is that insurance companies are used to having lawyers come after them to pay up for claims. That is why they have lawyers too. It is a numbers game with them. If they can reduce a settlement or just not have to pay it at all, it saves them a fortune. However, if you have a valid claim and you get a good lawyer, then you are more likely going to be able to get them to pay out what they have in their policies that you signed up for. We wanted what was due us. The medical bills had a number attached to them. The lost wages and benefits had a number. The loss due to pain and suffering was a number that they were arguing. We paid to not have a limited tort, and our lawyer was helping us get what was due.