They Clean Better Than I Do

I had someone clean my house before when my life just got too busy to handle even the simple things like that. The company I hired sent out three different workers because I was not happy with the work they were doing. My house was actually cleaner when I did it myself, and I felt it was stupid to pay someone else to do it when I just had to clean up after they were done to get my house to my standards. My friend suggested I look at when my life recently got busy again, and I once again needed some help.

I was resistant because of my bad experience before, but he assured me that Kleepers was better than any other cleaning company out there. Since I knew he would not steer me wrong, I went to their website and took a look. I was impressed right away, because they don’t just hire people and send them off to work. Every single person who puts on one of their uniforms is trained in how to properly clean every aspect of a house or whatever other place they are tasked with cleaning. That alone makes them stand out above other cleaning companies.

I decided to give them a try on a trial run basis. I knew that if I was happy, I would extend their services. If I was not happy, then I was not out very much at all. I am happy to say that I have extended their services, and I have someone come in three times a week. Two of those days is just to do the regular cleaning like wiping things down and cleaning the floor. The other day is for a more intensive cleaning, and they do a much better job than I ever did on my own.