The Cost of Human Pain

Do you believe that hacking of any kind is a good thing? Perhaps it can be. As a concerned parent and an individual who grew up with the web, I like to think that I have a glimmer of understanding regarding the dangers that exist on the web. In fact, when I was 16 years old I ran away to Albany, New York thanks to some help from an older friend that I met online through a game.When the opportunity to utilize a snapchat spy hack on my daughter came about I didn’t hesitate. I have to keep her safe no matter what.

The thing with kids, especially teenagers, is that they think they’re right no matter the cost to those around them. They might in fact be right but they have little to no understanding about the human cost that their actions might have. There are many times in life when we’re in the right but we do not follow through with our actions because of that alone. People matter and while making ourselves happy is important, so is ensuring that we do our best to avoid hurting others. Causing pain can only lead to pain being inflicted on us.

This happened when I fled to New York. It was something that had to be done for my own mental health but in the end, my actions caused my family to split. This is why I watch what my daughter does; it’s only the extremes that I watch for. I protect her when I can, watch for those that might prey on her but I still allow her to make her own mistakes. Teens cannot be sheltered to such a degree that they’re not allowed to make their own decisions or to be denied the possibility of experiencing any sort of failure.