Taking Action Helps to Create a Happy Life

I love my wife more than anything. I met her at a work party about 5 years ago, and I asked her out on a date that very same night. We have been together ever since then. She makes me want to be a better version of myself, and I will do just about anything for her. When she told me that she hoped that I would be ready to have a child with her soon, I was ready to take that step. She said that she wanted to spice things up a bit, so I ordered volume pills to try to help things along. Friends had previously told me they used them, and they were happy with their purchase.

The day that my wife told me that we were going to have a baby was the best day of my life. I had been saying that I needed to get a new cell phone for a couple of months, and she surprised me by handing me the box to a very popular cell phone one night after dinner. I assumed that it contained a phone I had been wanting, so I opened it with excitement. When I opened it, there was no phone instead. Instead, there was an odd looking plastic stick that said the word “yes” on it from a test she took earlier that day. I knew what it was immediately, and I knew that it was my wife’s fun way of telling me that, yes, we would be having our very own child soon.

My purchase was well worth it, just as all my friends had previously told me. They served their purpose and my wife and me are very happy about it. Taking action in life has served us both well, and I know that will remain the same in all the years we have to come.