Smaller Apartments Are Okay Too

The quest to find a new apartment can be something of a headache for the most people. Depending on where you’re looking you might find your options extremely limited. For someone like myself who has an already tight budget to live by. I’ve really been wanting to find a loft at the 101 Ellwood Apartments; they’re gorgeous! Unfortunately, they’re far out of my price range. Personally, I don’t mind finding a place that’s cheap and small. I’ve never been someone who carries a lot of stuff with him so moving into a small apartment isn’t that big of a deal, but boy, do I know some people who would completely lose their minds if they had to give up their furniture.

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself living the life of an aesthetic. You know, living with the bare minimum. One time, I even went without my bed. I ‘made’ a bed by going to Wal-Mart and finding several eggshell mats. I stacked them on one another and used a fitted sheet to bind them together. With that as the foundation I took few blankets and wrapped them around the entire affair, turning it into a makeshift bed that wasn’t all that bad.

I find that the fewer things I own, the less distractions I have. I’m okay with that; I have a problem with distractions anyhow. I imagine if I were to live in a place that was larger and more swanky , I’d find reasons to buy more things to fill it with. I would be more content with just surrounding myself with my possessions instead of focusing on things that already matter to me. At the same time, I love living somewhere that feels safer and when you’re as poor as I am, that can be hard to come by.