Puzzles Are the Perfect Gift for Young Children

Ever since I was a young child I loved working puzzles. I especially liked jigsaw puzzles and was introduced to them at a very young age by my mother. I recall sitting for hours fitting together the pieces to see how fast I could do it. To this day, I still enjoy sitting at a table and working up to a 5,000 piece puzzle and find it to be quite relaxing. Puzzles have come a long way since I was a child and I want to introduce my daughter to kids floor puzzles in hopes that she will discover how fulfilling it is to complete one.

I’ve looked around in stores but haven’t quite found one that I think she will enjoy. I took to the internet and almost immediately found a floor puzzle that I know she will like. It is a 54 piece 12X18 inches foam puzzle mat. It is an under the sea theme with a variety of sea life with smiles on their faces swimming around each other. It is recommended for ages three and up and would be perfect for my daughter who turns three next week. They are not only fun to work but also teach problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination to young kids.

I think she is going to thoroughly enjoy having her very own puzzle as she is always climbing up to the table to try and help me with the puzzle I am working on. It’s funny to watch her try and fit pieces together from a 1,000 piece puzzle. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a hobby the two of us can enjoy together as I did with my mother. I predict that we will always have a puzzle laid out on the table urging us to find just one more piece that fits.