Pruning Trees to Get Them to Bear More Fruit

I tried trimming a few of the fruit trees in our yard one year. It took almost three years for them to bear fruit again. They are apple, pear and plum trees. They make delicious fruit. My grandparents planted these trees back when they built the house. Now it is the home of my wife and I where we have teenage children. We harvest the fruit and make jellies and jams and other things. To preserve the fruit-bearing capability of the trees while keeping them at a manageable size, I called a Long Island tree pruning service to trim the rest of the trees properly.

You want to encourage new growth and even more bearing of fruit, and it takes someone knowledgeable about each tree species in order to get it done right. Each tree can have a different time of year that it should be pruned along with a different way it should be pruned. My neighbor has some apple trees that do not bear fruit. He trims them himself. However, he told me that he really does not want the mess of apples in his yard, and that he only keeps the trees because they are small and look good at the edge of his property close to the road.

We want our trees to produce as much fruit as possible. We planted grape vines about five years ago, and we enjoy grape juice and grape jelly that we make at home. It is like having a mini fruit farm right here on Long Island. The professional tree trimmers of the Long Island tree pruning service that we called keeps our trees bearing a lot of fruit every year. It is amazing how proper pruning can yield a lot of fruit from fruit trees, and bad pruning can stop them from bearing fruit at all.