Pruning Trees to Get Them to Bear More Fruit

I tried trimming a few of the fruit trees in our yard one year. It took almost three years for them to bear fruit again. They are apple, pear and plum trees. They make delicious fruit. My grandparents planted these trees back when they built the house. Now it is the home of my wife and I where we have teenage children. We harvest the fruit and make jellies and jams and other things. To preserve the fruit-bearing capability of the trees while keeping them at a manageable size, I called a Long Island tree pruning service to trim the rest of the trees properly.

You want to encourage new growth and even more bearing of fruit, and it takes someone knowledgeable about each tree species in order to get it done right. Continue reading Pruning Trees to Get Them to Bear More Fruit

They Clean Better Than I Do

I had someone clean my house before when my life just got too busy to handle even the simple things like that. The company I hired sent out three different workers because I was not happy with the work they were doing. My house was actually cleaner when I did it myself, and I felt it was stupid to pay someone else to do it when I just had to clean up after they were done to get my house to my standards. My friend suggested I look at when my life recently got busy again, and I once again needed some help.

I was resistant because of my bad experience before, but he assured me that Kleepers was better than any other cleaning company out there. Since I knew he would not steer me wrong, I went to their website and took a look. I was impressed right away, because they don’t just hire people and send them off to work. Continue reading They Clean Better Than I Do

My Mother Helped Me Make Thousands of Dollars

When my mother started talking about something called 7 Figure Cycle, I thought she was up to one of her schemes again. Mom has always been big on trying to make easy money online, and invariably she tries to get me involved. This has been going on for years. Sometimes she does come up with something that works, and I’ve made some money over the years working with her. Other times we’ve lost money. It always seemed like a risky venture and you never knew what would happen when we started in on another make easy money scheme.

So when she brought up this ecommerce course about how to make a lot of money as an online wholesaler, I was a bit skeptical. Continue reading My Mother Helped Me Make Thousands of Dollars

Getting My Big Pores on My Face to Look Much Smaller

I had big pores on the skin of my face. I would look in the mirror and see a look that reminded me of sandblasting. It looked like I was a statue that had been sandblasted with coarse sand, and it left little holes in my skin. I did not like this look. It was made even worse looking into a magnified mirror when I was applying makeup. I decided to go to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to get my large pores on my face made to look smaller.

The first thing I had done was a deep cleansing treatment. That greatly improved the look of my face minimizing the look of those large pores that were very prominent just above my cheeks. Then I decided to go ahead and get a laser peel. Continue reading Getting My Big Pores on My Face to Look Much Smaller

Jane and I Went Up in the Mountains

Her family owns a big piece of land near Boone, NC and we went up there for the week. They go hunting a lot and they sometimes take horses up there and go trail riding. Of course I borrowed some clothing for hunting from her brother, because you need the right gear up there. Even though it is still September you can best believe that it gets really cold up there when the sun goes down. In fact it takes a good while for it to warm up most days and then it starts to cool back down in the late afternoon. I do not know what the altitude is, but this is pretty high up and it gets colder as you go higher. Continue reading Jane and I Went Up in the Mountains

Got Rid of the Mouse Pests and Sealed Up the House Against Rodent Infestation

There are mice in the desert the same as there are in the woods. We found that out when we moved here to Arizona. We used to occasionally get a field mouse come into our basement back east and try to set up house and breed. I have nothing personal against rodents. In fact, I like them. They are resourceful. However, even though I had hamsters and mice as pets, I called rodent control for Phoenix to get the wild mice out of our house. They got in through a damaged section of siding where the top of the foundation was close to the backfilled area. I must have hit it with the lawn tractor exposing access to the interior and making it an invitation to the rodents. Continue reading Got Rid of the Mouse Pests and Sealed Up the House Against Rodent Infestation

Puzzles Are the Perfect Gift for Young Children

Ever since I was a young child I loved working puzzles. I especially liked jigsaw puzzles and was introduced to them at a very young age by my mother. I recall sitting for hours fitting together the pieces to see how fast I could do it. To this day, I still enjoy sitting at a table and working up to a 5,000 piece puzzle and find it to be quite relaxing. Puzzles have come a long way since I was a child and I want to introduce my daughter to kids floor puzzles in hopes that she will discover how fulfilling it is to complete one.

I’ve looked around in stores but haven’t quite found one that I think she will enjoy. Continue reading Puzzles Are the Perfect Gift for Young Children

Growth Through a Dedicated Factory

The start of my company was the start of a new beginning for me. I created the company partially with some money that I got with a bank loan, and the rest with an inheritance from an uncle. At first the company didn’t need a physical location beyond my garage, where I would make products by hand to sell. I used some of the money to have building erection done to create a factory where I could make the products on a larger scale while storing them before shipping them out to various customers around the world.

My company produces plastic model kits that can be easily assembled without the need for glue. Continue reading Growth Through a Dedicated Factory

My Aunt is a Strong Person

When my aunt fell down a small flight of steps, I thought she was going to have to finally give up her independence. She is nearly 80 years old, and she has been living on her own for nearly 20 years now. She still drives, cooks her own meals, shops, and goes to church on a regular basis, and I have always wanted to be just like her. However, that fall meant that she needed some help for the first time ever. She told me about Sunrise home care services when I went to talk to her about it in the hospital.

She was admitted because she did require surgery, and I had already planned on having her stay with me after she was released. She had no problem with that, knowing that she would need help initially. However, that did not last long. Continue reading My Aunt is a Strong Person

Getting All of Our Data Systems to Work Together is No Longer Impossible

I remember the first computer we got for our business. It was like an alien to some of the staff. We only had two people who knew how to operate it. When it worked, it helped. When it went down, it was tedious. I have had those first two computer experts restore data from tape drives and reenter data manually more than once. Things got better as technology improved, and now we use Microsoft Dynamics integration for our customer relationship management. For some time we had such a mix of hardware and software that we spent many man hours just trying to get things to communicate with one another.

Here is an example of our data flow issues that used to drive us crazy. Continue reading Getting All of Our Data Systems to Work Together is No Longer Impossible

An IPad for My Daughter

When someone sent me an email the other day that said Christmas is only a certain number of days away, I was floored. I knew that the year seemed to be going by pretty fast, but that was too quick for even me! I only have a few months before I start putting gifts under the tree, and I knew that the one I wanted most was hopefully going to come from some fantastic Cyber Monday iPad deals. My daughter is only 13 years old, but she has been asking for nearly four years now for her own tablet computer.

She has been very patient for two reasons. The first is because she can use mine anytime she wants to, and usually uses it a lot more than I do. The other is because she knew in the past that we just could not afford such a high ticket item. Continue reading An IPad for My Daughter

I Found a Summer Job

I have really been looking hard for a new job and I just happened to find a rather strange one. I was at the Costco in Clifton when I saw a help wanted sign at the place beside it. It was a place that sold all sorts of Jewish monuments in NJ and of course I went in there to apply for the job. They had all sorts of headstones and monuments, which I knew absolutely nothing about and so I figured that I would not be able to get the job. That was not really the case, because all I have to do is load and unload vehicles at the loading dock. That is not something that you can do without mechanical assistance. I do not know what these headstones weigh, but it is a lot and more than enough to do serious damage to anyone who made a mistake. Of course they cost a good deal of money too and so you do not want to be careless with them. Continue reading I Found a Summer Job

I Am Thinking About Career Choices

I have been thinking about the various ways that I could spend the rest of my life, what I am going to do for a career. It is a simple question for me, how I am going to find a way to earn money that I am going to enjoy. Of course you see stuff on the web like this ad claiming that you can get free paypal money from this program, it is supposed to give you up a thousand dollars. In fact I know for a fact that they are really good at security at paypal. Continue reading I Am Thinking About Career Choices

I Needed to Learn with Someone Else’s Help

I could not figure out how my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and all my siblings can grow such beautiful plants and flowers, and I am a failure at it. It didn’t seem like it would be all that hard to do, but I’ve had no luck when trying it on my own. I ended up calling someone in who does landscape design in Nassau County NY to get everything started. The woman who came over to do all of the work is fantastic when it comes to know exactly what to grow and when. She gave me some insight into the world of plants and helped me understand why I was having such a rough time on my own.

I originally started out with the idea of going through quite a few garden magazines. Continue reading I Needed to Learn with Someone Else’s Help

Started to Work at My New Job

The job is pretty simple for the most part, since I am just helping out my uncle Lou. He has become the building supervisor at a 14 story office building on the New Jersey side of the East River. At any rate the thing I did at first was to get a bunch of quotes from companies that do facilities hvac management for NYC. It is not something that I really understand, but then I do not really have to know things to be honest. I just have to know what to say and collect the quotes. My Uncle Lou told me what to say and he is the one who is going to look at the information I gather to make a decision. Of course the basic idea is that the people who own the building are looking to save money, but that is not always going to be the right way to go about things. Continue reading Started to Work at My New Job

My Back Went out Yet Again

I woke up the other morning and I could hardly get out of the bed because my back was so stiff. It was really a difficult situation, since I had to get my butt in gear and get to a very important meeting. Of course it took me a long time to get ready, I went to work with a heating pack behind my back in the driver’s seat. I ended talking a chiropractor in Corte Madera into taking me on the basis of it being an emergency, but I had to get a girl from the office to drive me. I had some back spasms after the meeting was over and I really could not hardly stand the pain from it. It was a really bad thing and I already knew that there was not anything that a doctor could do about it. Continue reading My Back Went out Yet Again

A Pay Stub Generator That Helps Me a Lot

I wanted to find a paystub generator that is easy to use and affordable as well. I was able to find a lot of programs that would do all sorts of things, but I really did not want to spend a small fortune to use just one or two functions of a large program. I decided to widen my search, which is how I found out about the company that I now use. I just needed something really simple to use that would allow me to create a professional looking pay stub for my workers.

I only have three people who work for me full time and one person is part time, and I did not want to have to hire a book keeper or an accountant to help me with their pay. I also did not want to mess up by doing it on my own and possibly messing up on the deductions. That is why I love the site that I use so much. Continue reading A Pay Stub Generator That Helps Me a Lot

Going to Fix Up My Backyard

That can mean a lot of things and it can really cost you as much money as you want to spend on it. I am thinking about fixing it up so that you can have large parties. Of course that means a few things are necessary. If you want to do this year round, then you need to think about keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I have been thinking about the best fire pit ideas, hoping to find something that I can do on my own without a huge investment of time or money. Continue reading Going to Fix Up My Backyard

Working in the Virtual Restaurant

I’ve been addicted to the My Cafe game ever since it hit the market. In my spare time, I play the game and serve as many customers as possible in order to make money. When it comes to mobile games, I try to spend as little money as possible. In My Cafe, if you want to advance in the game, you need to have diamonds and gold coins. Rather than spending money to get them, I used cheats for my cafe to obtain them easily. It makes the game more fun, especially since your progress isn’t halted by the addition of micro transactions.

The game makes running an actual restaurant look easier than it really is. Continue reading Working in the Virtual Restaurant

The Best Place to Buy Rugs

When I moved into my first flat, I knew that I was not going to be happy with the floors there. Everything else was fine though, so I figured I would just get some rugs for sale to cover up the hideous flooring in the kitchen and living room. I had never purchased anything like a nice rug before, so I went online so I could find the best rugs at the best deals. That is how I found The Rug Stores. They sell much more than just rugs, as they also have flooring, furniture, lights, and all kinds of accessories for homes too.

At the time, I was only interested in finding a nice rug for each room though. I was impressed with their selection, as they had a lot more than any of the stores I had visited in person. Continue reading The Best Place to Buy Rugs