Overseeing App Development Can Be Emotional

Working for mobile app development in Singapore is always an exciting job! There are days where I had nothing to do, and days that I had a million things to do. Most of the time, I worked on app projects and had fun with my coworkers. There were also times where we were all so stressed that we couldn’t think straight.

Every job has the pros and the cons, the good and the bad. My job in app development was no different. I created some of the most fun projects for business and small companies but I also hated the deadlines and the stress. However, the good times always outweighed the bad ones. My job was basically to test apps after creation to find bugs, crashes, or any issue that needed to be resolved. It was stressful because if I didn’t catch an issue and the company launched it with an issue, the team got in trouble. I usually went through the app a few times, screwing up things, doing it perfectly, etc. I tried everything to break the app. If the app was going to have my seal of approval, it had to be perfect.

There were a few times when the app was launched and there was bugs still in the site. To the company, it wasn’t a huge deal. More of a “Can you fix this?” but to the workers of the app, it was massive. It felt like we didn’t do the best we could. Luckily, they were always really great about it. We’d have the notes of what happened and I’d usually kick myself for not testing that or overlooking a simple issue! The times the apps ran perfect were my favorite. We’d all sit and wait for weeks to see if a surprise issue would spring up. Then we’d hear nothing from it. We’d contact the company and get a huge thank you for there not being an issue.

Being an app developer is a rewarding, yet stressful, job. I wouldn’t trade it for any other career in the world!