New Strength and Muscle Building

In my quest to become a muscular man, I went to to find out about one of the latest body building supplements. Before taking any supplement, I always do research on it to make sure that it’s safe for me and that it actually works. There was one expensive supplement that I was considering trying before but it turned out to be a dud. I saved myself a lot of money by reading reviews of that supplement beforehand, and also saved myself from any potentional health risks as well.

The Elite Test supplement was given stellar reviews by people who tried it, and they mentioned no negatve health effects, so I decided to try it. The results of the supplement were amazing. I took a picture of myself every day for an entire year to see the progress that I was making, and it was a sight to see. I was morphing into a muscular man in no time. In a couple of months, I had enough muscle to look like one of those professional body builders that you see on television. In half a year, I had enough muscle to stand toe to toe with many of the other gym rats who bench press everything in sight.

To test my new strenght, I decided to make a wager with everyone in the gym. I bet everyone that I could drag a commercial truck behind me with a set of ropes for 20 feet without stopping. If I won the bet, everyone would have to give me $100, and if I lost, I would have to give everyone that amount. We set up the challenge and I grabbed the ropes. I easily pulled the truck behind me, and everyone groaned, because they had all lost their money to the new muscle king.