Navigating the Land of Courtroom Language and Tactics for a Personal Injury Claim

Navigating court terms and solicitor vernacular would ruin a regular bloke from trying to handle his own lawsuit for a personal injury claim. Terms such as pre-action protocol for personal injury claims would not make sense to the average person. Now I used to make fun of the solicitors who advertised on the telly but no more. When you really need one to win a settlement for you so you can pay your mortgage and send your children to college despite being ruined for employment by a negligent employer, then you are happy to have one on your side.

Your workplace is not going to be your friend if you get hurt. In fact, their insurance company and their lawyers are likely to advise all of your bosses, managers and coworkers to avoid you like they would the plague. Can’t have anyone who actually saw what happened say anything that would be in your favor, or worse yet, criminally liable! However, I do have one friend on the job who would be willing to give up his situation to defend me and my claim. He reported the faulty equipment six times himself.

I will never be able to have that employment again, and it is all that I know how to do. Active life was taken away from me because of a workplace that cared more about saving money than protecting their workers. You think they would be jumping to give me a settlement just to keep me from answering too many investigator questions. Not so. They have solicitors who are trained in this stuff, and they are paying a fortune to keep me from getting anything. However, I have the facts and a good solicitor on my side who knows how to navigate the land of courtroom language and tactics.