My Roommates Use Everything I Have

I hate it when my roommates borrow pills from me, because they never replace them. Whenever I buy a new bottle of aspirin, my roommates will use them, but won’t buy a new one when the bottle gets empty. They just put the empty bottle back in the cabinet as if it will replenish itself. They don’t even offer to give me money to buy some more. It doesn’t end with aspirin. They’ve borrowed everything, from vitamins to Semenax. I’m thinking of just hoarding my pills for myself, and whenever my roommates want some, I’ll just tell them that I don’t have any.

There are many other thing that my roommates do that annoy me. Whnenever they bring a girl over, they always make a lot of noise. There have been many nights where I’ve been trying to sleep, and they will just make as much noise as possible. If they’ve taken one of the Semenax pills, they’ll be having sex all night. It’s good that the pills work, but I wish my roommates didn’t get their hands on it. I’ve tried using earmuffs and ear plugs, but they don’t do much, and it’s not very comfortable to sleep with them on.

If my roommates don’t improve, then I’m going to look for a new place to live and just leave them with the apartment. I think I can find something that is cheaper than the place I live at now. I might be able to find some new roommates for a new place, but I really don’t want to have to deal with more roommates anymore. I would have to do some kind of screening process to make sure that I don’t get the same kind of roommates as before. Even then, there would still be a chance that I would get them again.