My Fun Date Night with My Wife

My wife Jinju and I love each other very much. We have been married for five years. I would do anything for her. I work very hard to provide for us so that we can have a beautiful life together. Our relationship has hit a snag. We do not spend time with each other like we used to do. I am constantly busy. My wife is constantly on the go. We barely have time to ourselves. Sometimes, we are too tired to even cuddle with each other. I will use usnetflix to spice up my marriage. I need to have an emergency date night with my wife.

My wife works as a lawyer. She is constantly in and out of her office. She has to each her lunch on the go. We used to have lunch together, but she does not have time to do it anymore. She comes home from work tired and exhausted. Sometimes, she is too tired to take a bite of a home-cooked meal. She usually flops right on the bed. I am very supportive of my wife’s career, but it has interfered with our marriage. It has gotten to the point to where we do not have time for each other.

I work as an executive at a prestigious financial firm. My job is very hectic. I have to deal with many clients in one day. Make multi-million dollar deals with business people around the world. I usually each lunch in my office. I call my wife to tell her I love her when I can. I need more.

I am planning a romantic evening with my wife. I want us to spend time together as a couple. We will spend a nice, romantic night in the comfort of our own home. It will be very fun and relaxing to spend some quality time with my wife.