My Daughter is a Better Student Now

When my daughter told me she wanted to attend a physics tuition centre with her friend, I thought that it was just a social thing for her. When I could see how serious she was about wanting to learn physics better, I caved in and went to the website of the centre to learn more about it. I knew she was not getting the best grade in the class, but she was still getting an A so I was surprised that she felt she needed more instruction. I kept my word though and learned what I could about the site.

I went to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the site, knowing that I had a lot of questions so hopefully I would find a lot of answers. I wanted to find out more about the teacher, how he conducts classes, how he handles when a student must miss a class, and other things like that. I was happy when I saw that all of those answers plus so many more were right there on that site. I had wanted private lessons for my daughter when I saw how serious she was, but those were not available.

Rather than be upset or to try and convince the teacher that my daughter deserves to be an exception, I find myself agreeing with his reasoning for this since it was spelled out on the site. In a small group setting, the students are actually benefited by hearing interaction from the entire group rather than just between the individual student and his or her teacher. This helps everyone, and it also makes the class fun as well as educational. After reading everything, I was only disappointed that I could not attend too! My daughter did go, and she is a much better student for it.