My Aunt is a Strong Person

When my aunt fell down a small flight of steps, I thought she was going to have to finally give up her independence. She is nearly 80 years old, and she has been living on her own for nearly 20 years now. She still drives, cooks her own meals, shops, and goes to church on a regular basis, and I have always wanted to be just like her. However, that fall meant that she needed some help for the first time ever. She told me about Sunrise home care services when I went to talk to her about it in the hospital.

She was admitted because she did require surgery, and I had already planned on having her stay with me after she was released. She had no problem with that, knowing that she would need help initially. However, that did not last long. She told me after two weeks that she was ready to head home. I knew that there was no way she would be able to do the things that she needed to do, but then I remembered our conversation about Sunrise home care when I went to the hospital to visit with her.

She had already known about their services because she had taken the time to look at all of her options before something like this had happened. She told me that she could get around well enough, but she would need help with some things like bathing and getting dressed since she was not able to bend all the way over yet. I was impressed but certainly not surprised by her spunk, and together we contacted the agency and got things set up for her. She has been home for nearly a month now, and she still has someone come in a few times a week to help her with some things that are still a challenge to her, but she won’t need help for much longer!