Just Got Home from a Bachelor Party

I was quite surprised to get invited to this bachelor party, especially since my relationship with the groom is almost completely business related. However I was able to help him procure some rather scarce theater tickets some time ago and apparently this was where he got engaged. I figured that it would be best to show up and then not become too engaged in the debauchery. In fact it was not that wild of a night, although the entertainment was apparently provided by a place called Divas Elite escorts, there were three of them there and they were extremely attractive to be quite honest about it. One of them was definitely Polish, I have been there a few times on business and I recognized the accent. I would guess that the next one was from either one of the Baltic countries or one of the adjacent parts of the former Soviet Union. That is just a guess though. I believe the last one was from one of the Eastern European countries, it appeared that she was probably Hungarian, but I have no real knowledge of that, I actually looked up the prices on their web page and it was obviously going to cost a large sum of money to have them spend the night, but it appeared that only one of them was going to stay until breakfast, At any rate I drank a few beers and I watched the girls dance, but I was anxious not to get involved in the real festivities. There were probably close to around a hundred or so guys there and I only knew a handful of them. So I was not really comfortable getting wild and crazy around random guys. I could tell that a very large sum of money had been spent on the event obviously.