Jane and I Went Up in the Mountains

Her family owns a big piece of land near Boone, NC and we went up there for the week. They go hunting a lot and they sometimes take horses up there and go trail riding. Of course I borrowed some clothing for hunting from her brother, because you need the right gear up there. Even though it is still September you can best believe that it gets really cold up there when the sun goes down. In fact it takes a good while for it to warm up most days and then it starts to cool back down in the late afternoon. I do not know what the altitude is, but this is pretty high up and it gets colder as you go higher. In fact they have all sorts of wildlife in this part of the state, but from what I have been told the eastern part of North Carolina has even more of it. We saw bear tracks almost as soon as we got out of the truck and later on that night we hear one out in the brush. At least she told me that was what it was.

We probably hiked about ten or fifteen miles each day for a couple of days, but then we got up to this little mountain lake. I guess that it was about seven or eight acres and they had a camp set up there. We could have made it there in no time on an ATV, but obviously the hiking and the camping out was part of the deal. The fish there did not seem to know much about fishermen. At least they seemed eager to bite on just about anything that you put out there for them. We would only fish for a little while and then we would have all we needed.