I Want to Have a Comfortable Retirement

I know that when my working years are done, I want to have the kind of lifestyle that my parents have right now. They are both retired, yet they are having the time of their lives. They worked hard all their lives, and now they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They have enough money to take several vacations a year, plus they enjoy shopping and eating out a good bit too. I went to my father for some advice, and he told me to go to http://roth-ira.net.

He had been doing some research to help not only me but my three sisters as well, and that was the website that really explained everything in detail. While he and my mom had traditional 401(k) plans, he told me that we would be able to do even better with a Roth 401(k) plan. I had no idea what that really meant, but it did not take me long to find out. I went to the website he had told me about, and I was able to read about all the benefits of having a Roth IRA account.

It was hard to believe that I would be able to use the same amount of money that I would have put in a traditional 401(k) account like my folks but walk away with significantly more in savings with a Roth 401(k). This site was extremely comprehensive and had all of the rules of the IRA accounts, and I really liked everything that I was reading. I was eligible for the Roth account, and it feels really good knowing that I am going to be in an even better position than my parents are in. They are sitting pretty right now, so that means it will be even nicer for my sisters and myself now that we have all learned about Roth accounts.