I Talked to Jack This Morning

I guess that things are good here, although my family is quite a mess. Jack seems to have gotten somewhat back on track after the way that he crashed and burned after his divorce. He tells me that he has a good job doing sewer cleaning in Essex county, NJ. I guess he is driving the truck, because that is what he does. I always thought that the over the road work made him crazy, the guy has driven truck from Alaska to the Canadian Maritimes and nearly every state in the continental United States. It certainly did not do his marriage any good. He said something about operating some sort of heavy machinery as well, but that is not a big deal for him or for me for that matter. Both of us spent the summer months working for our grandfather on his farm which is still a huge enterprise with all sorts of machinery to operate.

At any rate right now I am working from home about half as much as I was. We had a meeting and started trying to figure out how many people were vaccinated. It was not nearly enough to please me, but since the vaccine is not formally approved and we do not think that we can mandate that everyone has to get the shot. If it were up to me I would tell them all to shut the hell up and roll up their sleeves, but that would probably create a big mess. As I see it the people who have been vaccinated have rights just like the ones that have not, and we deserve to be able to go back to the way that our lives used to be. If they do not want that, then it is their business and not mine.