I Needed to Learn with Someone Else’s Help

I could not figure out how my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and all my siblings can grow such beautiful plants and flowers, and I am a failure at it. It didn’t seem like it would be all that hard to do, but I’ve had no luck when trying it on my own. I ended up calling someone in who does landscape design in Nassau County NY to get everything started. The woman who came over to do all of the work is fantastic when it comes to know exactly what to grow and when. She gave me some insight into the world of plants and helped me understand why I was having such a rough time on my own.

I originally started out with the idea of going through quite a few garden magazines. I ripped out pages methodically to save, and I found a lot of different landscape designs that I really enjoy. I tried to copy some of the designs that I saw by buying plants that look very much like what was shown in the photos. Some of the plants weren’t even available at our local plant nurseries, so I had to order them online. But what I didn’t realize is that much of our country is divided up into different planting zones. Some things that will grow in zone 1 will not grow for someone who lives in zone 6 and vice versa. I had made the mistake of buying plants that did not grow well or at all in my own state.

The landscaper came over and showed me exactly what to do in my own yard for the zone that I live in. Here, it is very hot and dry, so tropical plants that typically do well in Florida will not do well in my state. I should have just called someone to do it right for me in the first place. She did a wonderful job, and everything in my yard is now thriving and looks beautiful every single day.