I Like My New Apartment in the City

I got a better job. A much better job actually. With that I wanted to up my standard of living. The first thing was getting a new apartment in the city. I found some East Hartford apartments that were very nice. I choose an upper floor apartment. It has a two-bedroom floor plan. The building is very nice. The floor plans here are very open. What I like is the square footage of glass windows. Instead of walls, walls and more walls there are lots of big windows. The views are incredible above the city.

I even have a concierge to accept packages and do other things for me. The place even has its own spa. I had so much more space that I bought new furniture when I moved in. I did not have enough stuff to fill it out. This sure is an upgrade to what I was used to. I really like it here. I like working in the city, but I also like getting away from it at times. Using the same logic of how a city is built, I have a place to retreat to at the end of the work day.

Cities only have so much ground space so they build upwards to hold all the people. At street level it can feel cramped with all those people around you. It can feel cramped in corporate offices with few windows too. When I come home I get in the elevator and rise above the city. When I go into my apartment it has wide open views all around. Day or night the views are relaxing. I sit and watch a rainstorm in the night. A snowfall blanketing the city is also an awesome sight from up here. I like my apartment a whole lot.