I Just Got Back from College

I have finally gotten my degree and if things work out then I am going to get a really good job. Right now I have been trying to work out some sleep matters, in particular looking for a mattress that I can get some sleep on. I have been using air mattresses a lot the past few years, since I would move around like a nomad when it suited me. For a time I was living free with a girlfriend who had an oral surgeon for a mother. She could easily afford to pay for a nice place for her only daughter and I was benefiting from having found her attractive much like any other red blooded American boy would have if he were interested in girls. I had spent months working on the task of becoming her boyfriend and the entire time I never had a clue that she had money. At any rate now I have become used to sleeping in a nice mattress and that is now about a hundred and thirty miles away.

I am not sure if Hannah and I are going to have a real relationship going forward, no one ever acted like it was happily ever after or hardly even if it were going to survive the night. She knew that I was graduating and trying to get a job. For now I have been sleeping on the floor of my old room. My mom turned it into her hobby room while I was going to school. It has an embroidery machine and a couple of nice sewing machines and no bed, not even a couch. I found an air mattress in one of my boxes, but I was not even able to sleep at all the first night. I suppose that I am just really spoiled.