I Found Something That Gives Me Great Hair

A friend of mine has a blog that I like to read from time-to-time. I logged in a couple of months ago and saw that she did a Keranique review post on her blog. I read it with great interest because she said the product is for women with thinning hair, and I have that problem! I had no idea that she did, too. She and I are really close and she has not mentioned it to me, but I’ve never told her about my hair fears. I called her to talk with her further about her review because she had said in it that the product worked really well for her. I told her that I’m having the same hair issues, and I wanted her to know that I was grateful that she was willing to be so open about what she had previously gone through.

When I talked to my friend that night, we both agreed that losing your hair as a female can be embarrassing because it’s typically something that happens to men. A lot of men seem not to care, which is fine. However, standards are pretty high for women. So, when we go through something that changes us physically, we sometimes feel shame and we become very quiet about it. I learned that my friend went through the same thing until she heard about the product and tried it out herself. She has great looking hair now after using it, so I knew that there might be hope for me.

I purchased a bottle and could not wait until it got to me in the mail! It arrived pretty quickly, but that didn’t stop me from checking the shipping tracking info often. I began using it the very same day that it arrived. After four month’s time, I no longer have the same heart-dropping moments when I look in the mirror at my hair. My hair is now growing in more fully, and I know that I’ll look great again soon. I don’t need to look like a supermodel, but I appreciate any product that allows me to look like “me” again!