I Am Thinking About Career Choices

I have been thinking about the various ways that I could spend the rest of my life, what I am going to do for a career. It is a simple question for me, how I am going to find a way to earn money that I am going to enjoy. Of course you see stuff on the web like this ad claiming that you can get free paypal money from this program, it is supposed to give you up a thousand dollars. In fact I know for a fact that they are really good at security at paypal. They obviously have a really good idea of where the money comes and goes, none of it is going to pop up out of nowhere without them finding out eventually. Of course you might be able to get away with it if you are really clever, but what is the really big point of risking some time in prison over such a small amount of money.

I have been thinking that this is a really promising area in which to devote your time. It is a big problem to try to figure out how to stop people from stealing stuff over the web though. For instance there are clearly state sponsored cyber criminals. In North Korea there have been all sorts of criminal enterprises, that is a thing that you can not really avoid too easily. They are in a hermit kingdom, one in which there is barely any internet access. The only thing to do is to keep them away from the money, but the problem is that you have to win every battle and they only have to win once. It is not so easy to always win obviously. These guys have been stealing tens of millions of dollars from banks.