Growth Through a Dedicated Factory

The start of my company was the start of a new beginning for me. I created the company partially with some money that I got with a bank loan, and the rest with an inheritance from an uncle. At first the company didn’t need a physical location beyond my garage, where I would make products by hand to sell. I used some of the money to have building erection done to create a factory where I could make the products on a larger scale while storing them before shipping them out to various customers around the world.

My company produces plastic model kits that can be easily assembled without the need for glue. When I started making them in my garage, I used sheets of plastic that I purchased online in bulk, and heated them in an oven to make the more malleable. Once heated, the sheets where put over a mold, where they were vacuum formed over it until they matched the shape of the mold. Then I would cut the pieces of molded plastic apart when they cooled down and package them. Doing this on my own took a while, but it was simple since I was only getting a limited amount of orders in a week.

As the orders, increased, I hired some people to help me make the models quicker, but that only worked for so long, and I realized that I had to expand to a bigger location with machinery that would automate the model making process. In the factory, I switched to using flash injection molding because it produced the kit faster. Rather than heating individual sheets, a mold could be filled with liquid plastic, cooled, and then cut in a fraction of the time. The advantage of machinery and a dedicated manufacturing space make for great productivity.