Got Rid of the Mouse Pests and Sealed Up the House Against Rodent Infestation

There are mice in the desert the same as there are in the woods. We found that out when we moved here to Arizona. We used to occasionally get a field mouse come into our basement back east and try to set up house and breed. I have nothing personal against rodents. In fact, I like them. They are resourceful. However, even though I had hamsters and mice as pets, I called rodent control for Phoenix to get the wild mice out of our house. They got in through a damaged section of siding where the top of the foundation was close to the backfilled area. I must have hit it with the lawn tractor exposing access to the interior and making it an invitation to the rodents.

After they were taken care of, the same company that provided the rodent control for Phoenix also made the repair to the house. I had them do a thorough inspection for other pests as well as looking for potential ways any pests could get in from rodents to bees. I remember us having an active nest of bees at an old house years ago. You could hear a steady buzz if you held your ear to the wall inside. They were making honeycomb and honey. No one wants to harm pollinators like bees, but you cannot have them living in your walls either. They got in through a hole the size of a pencil eraser at the eaves. This is why good construction and keeping up on the caulk seals is very important.

Now we do not have any mice in the house, and the inspection had pointed out a couple of issues that needed repaired on our home to keep other pests out. Well, my brother-in-law still visits, but the pest control expert said he was not certified to get rid of him.