Getting My Big Pores on My Face to Look Much Smaller

I had big pores on the skin of my face. I would look in the mirror and see a look that reminded me of sandblasting. It looked like I was a statue that had been sandblasted with coarse sand, and it left little holes in my skin. I did not like this look. It was made even worse looking into a magnified mirror when I was applying makeup. I decided to go to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to get my large pores on my face made to look smaller.

The first thing I had done was a deep cleansing treatment. That greatly improved the look of my face minimizing the look of those large pores that were very prominent just above my cheeks. Then I decided to go ahead and get a laser peel. That really smoothed out the look of my skin, and I happened to be greatly impressed and pleased with the results. I used to think my pores looked like craters on my face. They were not really that big, but that is how I perceived them to look. Perception of looks is very powerful. I wanted to be pleased with what I saw in the mirror.

The laser peel made a dramatic difference. I do not have to apply a thick foundation any longer to round out the look of my skin as it is perceived by others. There are combination therapies available for those of us with large pores on our skin. What worked for me was the deep cleansing treatment followed by the laser peel. I like the way I look in the mirror and high-definition images now. Before, I would shy my face away pretty much wherever I went. Now my looks are right in line with my overall expectations of how I think I should look.