Everyone Wants to Use My Pills

I’ve had to keep my Vigrx Plus under lock and key because everyone keeps borrowing them from me without my permission. My brother sneaks into my room and gets a couple of pills whenever he has a big date. My father gets some when he and my mom are about to get intimate. Even one of my cousins who stays with us get some of the pills. Whenever I really need some, there’s always only one left in the bottle, and I’m the one that has to replenish the stock, without any help from any of the other people who borrow them.

When my brother looked in my drawer to find the pills and only saw the lock box, he asked me why I was being so stingy with the pills. I told him that I barely got to use any of the pills because he and everyone else had been using them, and didn’t even bother to buy some more pills or give me money for them. He apologized and gave me a $5 for a few of the pills. My cousin found the same thing, and I told him exactly what I told my brother. He also paid me for the pills.

When my father found the lock box, he told me that he had raised me since birth, and that if anything, I should be letting him get as many pills as he wants without any restrictions, especially since he wasn’t charging me any rent to stay at home. He had a pretty valid argument, so I gave him a key to the box that would let him open it anytime he wanted. I just hope my father doesn’t sneak pills for my brother and my cousin, so I can continue to get money for the pills they’ve used.