Choose Your Corporate Job Recruiter Carefully

If you have skills, you need to have someone shop your skills around as a candidate for different firms and corporations seeking talent. Some agencies that offer recruitment are better than others. I worked with a newer bristol recruitment agency and landed my job. I have been pleased to have my skills paired with a company that was looking for an employee just like me. My personality and career goals fit perfectly with this company I got hired on with. This is the best job I have ever had.

I am happy to finally be working with a company that has the same type of business philosophy that I have learned and have. They approach business in the same way I have learned, and they have been searching for a long time for someone with my specific skill set. I started at a great salary, and I have so many opportunities for growth in the company. It feels good to get up and go to work now. I used to drag during the work week. It was a struggle to even push myself to get to my desk every day. Now I am there early and cannot wait to get started. It is a huge difference to be doing something you just really like to do versus just doing something to be able to pay your bills.

I have worked with recruiters before, but they did not treat me like this agency did. They seemed to be concerned that I got paired with the perfect company for me. I felt like I was part of the family of workers the first day I started. I did not even think of applying to this company. Now, I am very glad that the recruiting agency recommended me to them as a candidate for the job opening they had.