Bulk 4c Hair Makes Weaves and Extensions Possible for Girl Losing Hair Due to Medical Reasons

Diabetes and some medications along with a longstanding issue with iron deficiency all lead to our daughter losing a lot of hair. If that was not bad enough, the thickness of each hair shaft diminished by at least 50 percent. So, even if she had all of her hair, she would have lost over half of the volume due to the thinning of the hair shafts. She was getting more self conscious with each bit of scalp that was showing through. She tried products and hair styles to cover it up, but only some bulk 4c hair we got and made into custom hair weaves and extensions made the difference.

The doctor was helping with the iron deficiency, and she was back on track for controlling her blood glucose levels. There was not much she could do about the other medications she was on that was causing hair loss and hair thinning. I learned all I could about hair weaves and extensions so I could do them for her. I learned from professionals. And since I was not doing it for money but instead for a relative, no license was needed by me. Once you hang up that sign to do it as work, then you need that state license to do hair.

There was no way my wife and I could continue to pay professionals to do our daughter’s hair weaving and extensions and stuff. Plus, there is really no way she could do it herself. It is tough to work on your own head trying to do a weave. I learned to do it because my work schedule is the afternoon shift. My wife works midnight and day shift. I’m the one who is getting our daughter and son ready for school each day. No teenage girl should have to have the medically caused hair issues like our little girl has. We are grateful that we were able to work out a fix for it. Finding bulk 4c hair to use was a real help. It makes it much less expensive to make extensions or do weaves than to buy premade hair extensions or send her for hair weaves.