Bonds of Friendship Without Relationships

I’ve been thought to be a man who is lacking in morals or virtues simply because of my preference for independent escorts in London over what they would consider a normal relationship. I have never felt very comfortable under the normal restraints that a typical relationship demands of two people. I have always felt that I would have far more freedom if I were to willingly pursue my own life without the influence of another. However, I am a man with needs which means that I needed to find a way to satisfy those needs without complicating my life or hurting others.

It’s not that I’m completely against intimacy or anything of that sort. I love people and I love getting to know people. A relationship becomes more than just two people. It becomes something that two people create. It becomes an expression of their shared lives and entangles into a manifestation of that singular life they are both forging ahead with. It’s not what I want out of life – I want my own life and my own legacy to follow through from my own actions. It doesn’t mean that I won’t share that life with my friends and family but I don’t need a partner at my side to make it happen.

This might make me cold. I’m not sure that is true – I practice my empathy quite often. I might lack the knowledge and the experience which comes from having a single partner for a long period of time but I’ve never been shy in forging strong bonds of friendship and trust with other people. I’m more than happy to love those people and I feel that without a partner I have been able to explore those bonds far more freely than I would have otherwise.