Being Proactive About My Body Helps My Self-esteem

I was a shy kid, and later, I was a shy teen, too. I had a fantastic childhood and great parents who treated me well, so I have never really understood where my shyness came from. As an adult, I am not longer really very shy, but I do know that my self esteem is not where it should be. I have been trying to make changes this past year to change that. One thing that I have looked into recently is Prosolution pills to help give me the self esteem that I have been missing during intimate moments. I have also been working on my weight and a few other issues as well.

Unlike most of my buddies, I have a full, thick head of hair. I did notice that I had quite a bit of grey hair coming in, so I made an appointment with a salon to get my hair dyed. I had never done this, and it was a pleasant experience. The end result looks great. It makes me look 10 years younger, and I think I will keep up with getting a dye job every 2 months or so.

I have never bothered with working out until now. I have always been on the thing side, but as an adult, I found that I spent many years with a body that is not really very fit. I aspired to change that, so I joined a gym nearby. After I spent some time with the exercise equipment there and learned which were my favorites and gave me the best results, I went out and bought some of those same machines. I made a workout room in my home for all the new equipment, and I now get as much exercise each week. It has made me feel much better about the way I look and the way I feel about myself.