An IPad for My Daughter

When someone sent me an email the other day that said Christmas is only a certain number of days away, I was floored. I knew that the year seemed to be going by pretty fast, but that was too quick for even me! I only have a few months before I start putting gifts under the tree, and I knew that the one I wanted most was hopefully going to come from some fantastic Cyber Monday iPad deals. My daughter is only 13 years old, but she has been asking for nearly four years now for her own tablet computer.

She has been very patient for two reasons. The first is because she can use mine anytime she wants to, and usually uses it a lot more than I do. The other is because she knew in the past that we just could not afford such a high ticket item. This year is different though, but she is not really aware of that. She is going to be really surprised when she sees a new iPad under the tree for her this year. I am getting a really nice bonus from work, and I knew that I would be able to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals too.

I found a really cool site that has all the details of the different Cyber Monday sales. I know it is not updated yet, but that is why this is so cool. Cyber Monday might seem far away, but it is less than two months away. Any time a new store has their ads up for Cyber Monday, this site is going to be updated with it quickly. I can even get email alerts so I know right away. This is so nice because it gives me time to compare different stores, and I will definitely get her an iPad for the best possible price!