A Shopping Adventure with My Lovely Wife

I consider myself to be a total geek. For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with technological advancements and trinkets. When I was a child, I wanted to get my hands on any gadget that impressed my young eyes. I grew up in the age of giant cell phones, pagers, and tracking systems. It amazes me how much technology has changed since I was a little boy in the nineties. My wife Jinju and I both love gadgets. They are like dildos to us in that they provide us with great joy and pleasure.

Two nights ago, I was watching television with my wife. We both had a bad case of insomnia. We turned to the shopping network. They always had the best and latest gadgets for sale. Sometimes, the prices were too high for my taste. I changed the channel to a commercial. It was for a new store that was opening in our area. It was a high-end electronics and innovation shop. My wife and I were so excited to hear this news. We were already thinking about redecorating our home. We would love to have some of these gadgets in our lovely home.

The next day, Jinju and I visited to store. It was so neat and futuristic. It looked like the inside of an alien spacecraft. The store had many devices. We felt like kids in a candy shop. My wife saw a portable charger for her MP3 player. It could recharge devices faster than other chargers. She also saw an alarm clock that played nature sounds to help people wake up and go to sleep. I saw a vibrating chair. It had the ability to giver a personal massage while they were sitting down in the chair. I tried it out. This chair was perfect. I purchased two for the both of us.